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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am currently...

Enjoying emails received from my much loved friend Tracy

Smiling wide at these images

Caring for my wild, healthy child and his loving father

Drinking exotic spiced chai tea
Eating freshly baked Milo Biscuits

Enjoying and benefiting from Qi Gong lessons

Receiving generous and beautiful surprises/gifts in the mail
Exploring urban art and especially urban knitting
Looking for a new home for myself and family

Attempting to co ordinate a book filled with creative expression to expand smiles and love
Knitting daily
Singing in the shower loudly
Always in the company of Harry the much loved, 16 year old hound

Celebrating good health
Thinking of my deeply loved friends that live far from here and very close to my heart
Dancing at home

Often thinking about all the correspondence that I need/want to attend to

Stretching the dollar to its limits
Feeling ridiculously lucky

Loving life in general

What are you up to today?

I hope you are smiling

Monday, June 21, 2010

Be a winner...

There's a win win situation for us all that are keen to help the animals in distress due to the massive oil spill in the
Gulf of Mexico
and for those that are lovers of Art and Sea Glass.

Please visit with lori times five

before Tuesday 23 June 6pm, California time, for details of how you can be a winner with little to no effort and help save our animals that are suffering due to the massive oil spill.

You will also read details of others that are creating effortless ways to assist that you too can be a part of and benefit from.

I hope all of you are able to make the time to help yourself assist our much loved animals of the sea and air.
Don't hang around here.... go see Lori and leave a comment there.
Thank you
with love from

Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful Minds Create Beautiful Minds

I've been exploring various forms of street art in recent months, which of course has led me to what is commonly termed Graffiti.

Somehow I think the word graffiti conjures negative images and attitudes, which unfortunately aren't always true.
Yes I agree that there is graffiti that I would call ugly as I'm not a fan of common tags, but there is also wonderful Street Art that causes us to stop and ponder.

Some years back I received a gift of a book titled 'Existencilism', from a much loved friend, which is by/about Banksy the street artist responsible for the above images created in the UK and USA.

He is currently in our news due to a theft in the city of Melbourne Australia, which you can
read about here

I'm going to start exploring my city's Street Art and hope to share some interesting images in the future.
I'm also pondering different ways to take my own creativity to the streets beyond my current 'graffiti knitting'.

For those of you who are seeing this work for the first time, I sincerely hope you have enjoyed it.

it's a wild and wonderful world we live in

I hope you too are finding time for creative exploration in your day.
best wishes

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making my heart sing

Here's what I'm listening to today whilst dancing in my kitchen.

I'm alone with you smiling and dancing, singing sometimes too... loud very very loud.

I know you're not all going to enjoy this, but some of you will.

Today I'm finding this music uplifting and fun. It's inspiring me to play.

I hope you too have found some music in your day to inspire you to play.

Love to you....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Are you curious?

Did curiosity kill the cat or did curiosity liberate the cat? I'm just not sure.
Today curiosity got the better of me.

That's my much loved hound Harry in the above photo, being curious.
Without curiosity we wouldn't learn very much at all. We need to be curious, but sometimes it can lead us up a garden path to a place we don't want to be at all.

Today curiosity got the better of me. I opened my blog with the intention of creating a post when I became curious about the new 'design' feature Blogger is offering. Before I knew it I was on my way up the unwanted garden path. Hence my new blog look.
Take note that once you enter the new 'design' feature you cannot again reuse an old template, much to my dismay.

After many unwanted hours spent tweaking, rearranging and creating frustration for myself, I ran out of steam for my intended post, but I have managed to upload a few more photos of my current knitting project along the seaside here in Perth.

It's another pole...

This one is without an official sign
so I decided to give it a purpose...

armature for a little knitting.

This light pole in the photo above and below is one of my favourites. Unfortunately I haven't done a very good job of photographing it. I am adding to it regularly and hope to be able to cover a good portion of it. It's very tall.

I'm absolutely loving being a guerilla knitter.
It's a very liberating feeling taking your knitting to the streets.

Placing my knitting on poles alongside the sea
is giving me new eyes and ears.

I know that a lot of people are seeing something for the first time.

The pleasure is not all mine. It makes people smile.

I'm not ready to leave a tag for further contact, just yet.
I let people chat with me
if I'm caught in the act of applying the knitting.

I try not to get caught.
I try not to spoil the mystery of it all,
which adds to the pleasure of seeing it for the first time.

That's it from me for a while.
I'm off to relax with some knitting.
Thank you for all the wonderful supportive comments on my previous post.
I love you for that.
best wishes


I've just discovered how you can switch back to the classic templates... you can get back to the old templates by clicking the edit HTML tab on the design page and scroll to the bottom.

This old dog has learned enough new tricks for one day.

Soooo tired now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is that woman doing?

That's been a question on a lot of minds in recent weeks and especially those who have been down by the sea.

Some of you know that I have been busy with knitting as I made mention of it in my previous post.

My recent knitting frenzy has been inspired by some of the creative souls that I posted about last year, which you can visit here

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.

'Graffiti Knitting'

I've created a project for myself down by the sea along a section of the coastal path.

One of the things that I'm doing is knitting strips which I'm adding to a variety of aged street poles each day.

They've come a long way since these photos were taken and are looking beautiful.

I've been busy with knitting and haven't yet returned to update the photos, which I intend to do soon, but these shots give you an indication of my recent creative pursuit.

This has been a big learning curve for me to follow an idea onto the street.

I've done the odd creative project or two on the street before, but nothing quite like this and I'm loving it.

I like to knit, but my skills are limited. This project is enabling me to extend myself and view the world around me from a different perspective.

It's harmless, entertaining and thought provoking for all who happen upon it.

This beautiful rusty pole was my first victim for a makeover. I had a partner in crime as I was nervous to take my first steps into the public knitting arena. We applied this in the dark of night. Thanks Jill for your support and assistance.

I would love for other knitters to join me in this beautiful creative madness. I'm flying solo here in my city, but I know that there are numerous others around the world and thanks to their creativity and willingness to share their experience I feel comfortable knitting my chosen poles.

What better way to spend a windy day than out and about at the beach with your Mum applying her knitting to a pole!

I have knitted for family and friends in the past and strangers too, but this winter it's all about poles.

Unfortunately not everyone understands my new found pleasure and that's okay too.

I'm delighted to say that everyone who has approached me on the street have been nothing but encouraging, curious and generally delighted with what I am doing.

I hope you too are finding time to pursue what you enjoy, what you dream about doing and simply enjoy being you.

and as a much loved friend of mine recently applied to a sticker...