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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crisis on my mind...

These are not photos taken by me.

I am on the other side of Australia, safe and dry.

You can't live in Australia and not have this current event on your mind.

I found the below recent video and writings on youtube today. It clearly depicts some of the devastation caused by these floods. Unfortunately the images are accompanied by unnecessary background music, but I feel that the maker of this video is desperate for us to know of the suffering.

Just a minutes viewing will give you a clear indication of this immense natural disaster in Queensland and Northern NSW, Australia.

(the scale is equivalent to the size of France & Germany combined)

the below writings accompanied the above video featured on youtube

"Pictures of the cities affected from our floods in janurary 2011, this is my city where i live and some of these pictures i have taken myself. If possible please help and support us. Thank you.

Aprreciation goes out to all those heros, ses workers, police, authorities, volunteers, and all those who are helping there nieghbours, freinds, families and even strangers, well done brizzy.

Our floods have affeted 75% of our country thats over 1million square meters 1/4 of hurricane catrina to give you an idea of how bad it is for us.

In these pictures people have lost thier possessions, homes, businesses, and also thier lives family members freinds and workmates, our current death toll is at 13 with 47 people still missing.

Our flood this year 2011 has come very close to our bigger flood in the year 1974 and close to our worst historic flood in 1890, if we did not have our Wivonhoe Dam our whole city would almost be under water.

Feel free to leave comments of support and rate this video.

R.I.P to all those who have lost thier lives, our thoughts and prayers are with you and may we all help one another as we rebuild our state.

to donate this is the official Government website below

Are you from Queensland? if you would like to Vounteer please registar here:



to registar click this link:


(sadly the death toll has risen since this video was created and there are many more unaccounted for)

Below are links to other bloggers in Australia who I know have also posted about the floods.

They offer another perspective and information that you may like to view. They are all safe and well.

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Sophie Munns (Queensland)

Be well


secret agent woman said...

These look frighteningly similar to the photos from New Orleans after Katrina. What a difficult and sad thing.

Ashish said...

Glad to know you are safe and away from the floods. My college buddy lives in Brisbane and I chatted with him a day before yesterday. He said so far he was doing fine but not sure whats the current situation is like. lets hope it goes away soon and things are back to normal again.

Lori ann said...

This is so devastating. I hope my prayers help. So terrible.

Baino said...

It's pretty devastating isn't it? I feel for them as my feet remain dry in Sydney. All I can think about is the mess left behind when everything subides, can you imagine?

sophiemunns said...

what a lovely post. As a queenslander on a hill in Brisbane who's had the good fortune to be an observer rather than a victim its interesting to see this video and recognise the earnest and deep feeling behind it.
It gets me thinking...
I often think places like Pakistan (or Haiti) are the ones who deserve to ask outright for help with funds. The fact their flood effected the same number of people as the total population of australia is a huge reason why I felt pulled by that phenomenon. And knowing the lack of Govt infrastructure and funds to tap into recovery... all that left me very disturbed at the logistics...
This video was positioning our victims in a way that Im not used to by an individual I guess... which does not mean that I dont go along with it... just that it was a different approach for me to think about.

There is I guess a part of me that hopes that we, who are from a country with pretty decent back-stops, dont forget those in countries without that. We assume a standard of living here...and are not very good at thinking it should be disrupted by anything unpleasant.
I think people in the last big flood in Brisbane for example probably owned a whole lot less than people do now....
and as one sees the goods that are piling up for the tip...I have to pause and wonder how much we need to replace to have a good life.
This is probably an unpopular thought in this country.
I had my house burn down 10 years ago and it brought home the fact that one can live without a lot of possessions... its loss of people... and animals thats really profoundly affecting ...then its the thing of home -ones refuge and continuity, plus things like work, income etc that may be badly impacted...

I do think an important part of being human is knowing that life will ask for the accomdation of some terrible things some times... and best we dont mistake possessions for the most important things in life. Our connectedness is a huge invaluable asset...and if one reads about the shooter in the event in Arizona one reads that quality connections were totally absent in this person life!

Loss is very hard...safety is tied up with the familiar... with a strong sense of being sheltered and safe and able to have life preserving routines in place. All who've been affected need our support but there are many ways to do that... and we must not forget that some of the suffering may come to those who lose livelihoods from this event - they may lose their homes from not having work to keep up repayments on their homes....

There are many ways to fall through the cracks and one must take care to be aware of that ... in day to day life!
Sorry I have rabled so much ...easy to do when you post such thought-provoking posts Robyn,
As always...thank you for thinking deeply to present something of importance.
Sophie xo

Wanda..... said...

I've been following this awful wide spread disaster through the national news and blogs I follow.
Prayers for your country, Robyn are said by many.

Amanda said...

the images, both on your blog as well as annie's, are devastating. we've been following this catastrophe on cnn and other news channels, and just yesterday saw the story about the teenage boy sacrificing his life for his brother.

so so terrible. praying that this ends soon with no further casualties.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ho Robyn, We have seen the devastation in Australia on the news here. It's pretty amazing.

Sending prayers to all involved and hope the rain is gone for a long time.

Stay safe, jj

Eleonora said...

Oh Robyn... the situation is heartbreaking, as is the constant news update. My prayers and healing are with you and the brave Australians who are struggling with loss and devastation.

All my love,
Lola xx

rosaria said...

What a tragedy! So much destruction; so much pain.

miss*R said...

and now the flooding in Victoria :(