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Thursday, February 24, 2011

you are beautiful

Live What You Love....
Lori at Lori times five, created a sticker featuring these inspiring words and sent it to me.
I felt a need to share them further.
I created a multitude of stickers and chalk scratchings wherever possible.
This is my kind of fun.

you are beautiful...
I don't know exactly why I googled the words 'you are beautiful', but it led me here, to a website devoted to sharing those exact words via stickers.
This inspired me to create my own and spread the good cheer.

On the subject of beauty.... I received a much loved surprise gift from the talented Karen Jasper who is well known to a lot of us as kj from
KJ has written and published the book she sent to me titled 'The Light Stays On'.

The book arrived at a perfect time for me as I was needing to park my bum and rest a while.  The book was the perfect excuse and it was time well spent. 
It is a wonderful read.  Within a couple of pages I found myself not wanting to put it down. 
It's a very tangible love story, an easy read and one that I recommend. 
It can be purchased via kj's blog.
Thank you kj.  It was thoroughly enjoyed and I will treasure it.

more beauty arrived via post...
A prize of beautiful postcards from the artist and blogger Candice Herne.
I first became aware of Candice via another wonderful prolific artist and blogger Sophie Munns.
Candice was travelling around Australia and sharing beautiful inspiring images of her journey at that time.

I happened upon the postcards and other mail when out walking with my little boy and our hound.  If it wasn't for us taking a different route on that day the mail may have been lost to us forever. It was found scattered on a lawn a reasonable distance from our home.  A mystery.
Thank you Candy for sharing these beautiful postcards with me.

and last but not least...
Look at yourself after watching this ~ I came across this during my travels today.

I've been absent from your blogs (not commenting, but reading some) due to another little project that is currently occupying my time. I am working on a creative venture to nurture myself and give pleasure to others.
I'll catch up with you soon
best wishes


Angie said...

And here I am moaning about the heat! We are ALL beautiful, thanks for being you.(If I had your address I would sent you a postcard.)

grrl + dog said...

sticker fun is great - I have done that too.

quicker than knitting!

Sophie Munns said...

always inspiration of a very powerful human kind over here Robyn. I was loving the gesture of spreading the love via stickers... and then came to the video... watching those kids faces... that age group who are SO vulnerable to self loathing and self-doubt and feeling stuck... watching them smile, laugh and weep and them afterwards hug our hero...
if ever was there a person with something for that audience it is he...
lovely to visit!
S x

miruspeg said...

Beautiful post Robyn from start to finish.
I still do my card drops with books in the park opposite my house each day, it gives me a warm glow inside sharing some love and kindness.

Our friend Stoneweaver needs our love and light at the moment. She and her family are safe and well after the devastating Christchurch earthquake but she is very shaken by the experience. So if you could send your beautiful light her way I know she will appreciate it.

Peggy xxxxx

Ange said...

Damn, I'm in tears.
Have to show this one to my kids

Thanks Robyn :)

kj said...

GASP! for so many reasons.

robyn, you are a treasure. knowing you, being friends, is such a huge gift to myself and i am forever grateful.

you inspire me in ways i don't think you even know.

and your art and photography are better and better and better.

i'm so glad for it all.


urban muser said...

love the stickers...i would smile if i walked past one of those!

Candice Herne said...

So glad you found the parcel Robyn! Thanks for the blurb! Love the sticker project. Take care Candyxx

kj said...

btw robyn, the love photo with the cow-hat shadow is AWARD WINNING.


Lyn said...

Love the idea of spreading happy, inspiring words - an idea that is obviously contagious as it spread from Lori to you to ... The pictures were the icing on the cake. Wonderful way to start my weekend. Smyle everyone!

Annie said...

Lovely gifts and stickers, I have wanted Kj's book for a while now, just waiting for some extra cash :-). I bet whatever you are working on will be wonderful! I can't wait to see. I will be back later to watch the video.

rosaria said...

Yes! You are an inspiration!

Baino said...

Thanks Robyn I always feel uplifted when I come to this blog. Things aren't going to well for me at the moment and it's so lovely to have such an injection of positivity. You're a tonic.

Mim said...

Beautiful artwork, and yes...a wonderful book. that video has me in tears - and it's a good message to keep in your head at all times.

And love the sticker guerrilla art!

Lori ann said...

ah robyn, you sweetheart. sharing the love the way you do is a gift to everyone. i LOVE what you've done.

and kjs book, awesome. a treat indeed, she is a born writer.

xxx love,

secret agent woman said...

I've seen that video before but just watched again because it makes me cry (in a good way).

Love the love stickers!

The Awakened Heart said...

Lovely. This is very synchronisitous for me as I have been exploring all these lovely themes and random acts of kindness recently. I'm also doing a weekly blog on called Nourish Me. I'm exploring all the ways to nourish myself and all the things that nourish me. A journey back to myself if you will. Anyway - I am inviting people to join in the fun and I would love it if you would come too. Come on over and take a look. http://thedivinefeminine.blogspot.com/2011/01/nourish-me.html. Go on. You might like it.

Stoneweaver said...

You are so cool! I love your 'projects'!! Love and light to you always xx