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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crystal Castle.... a celebration

December last year found me on the other side of Australia, being the east coast, 
in northern New South Wales with one of my dearest friends. 
I was there to celebrate her birthday along with our friendship that has travelled with us from childhood.

On a glorious warm wet day,
we visited  Crystal Castle..... a magical place to be.

I love you


coloured butter


Joanna Jenkins said...

What a beautiful place-- so peaceful and inviting. Thanks for showing us around.
xo jj

Lori ann said...

oh robyn, i loved going there with you and your dear friend.

it looks like those funny birds couldn't wait to join you at lunch also.

are the monks creating a stupa out of the butter? i've never seen that before. wow.

i'm going to check out the link now. thank you for sharing :)

Alison said...

I could certainly do with some of the calm that comes from that beautiful place. Serenity!

Thank you for your kind and wise words you left on my "house" post.

ds said...

So serene--love the bamboo & the Dalai Lama's quotation.
Did your feathered friend enjoy your breakfast?

grrl + dog said...

they must have done it up in the last five years..

I used to love walking the labyrinth, and took several courses there when I lived up that way.

lovely views from the cafe.

kavka said...

Robyn, wonderful post and wonderful place.

I'd like to thank you so much for visiting my blog and lovely comment, I'm so happy because of it. Have a great day :-D

Angie said...

Perfect photos - so tranquil (not like the ******* jets going along the coast!!!)

magpie said...

what an inspiring place!
even in the rain. maybe especially?
and those birds! i'd share a meal with them any time.cool photos.

Jessi said...

so pretty :) Love the little birds stealing food

Sorrow said...

Something I thought you would enjoy

Angela said...

I can feel the love you put into this post, to your friend and also seeing those beautiful sights. Thank you, Robyn!

Sophie Munns said...

A good friend has reminded me twice about how absolutely wonderful this place is to visit... I think I must make a visit before too long... thanks for this timely reminder Robyn,
S xx

Stoneweaver said...

Wowzer!!!Looks like my kind of place!!

And I have always loved that quote that you have at the beginning.

Wish I had a place like that - maybe I'll create one myself!

Annie said...

Robyn, thank you for sharing this wonderful place and your beautiful friend. xoxo