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Sunday, August 28, 2011

up down and around... nothing but birds

I've been having loads of fun with my, new to me, camera and I am very grateful to have you to share photos with.  Thank you for all your kinds words and encouragement on my previous posts.

Recently I've been indulging in my passion for birds and snapping happily whenever I can, in and around where I live, as they are such willing subjects.

I have enjoyed catching up with some of you at your blogs and will endeavour to catch up on more in coming weeks. 

I hope wherever you are in the world that you too are enjoying the change in seasons, as I am.
Thanks again for your support at my blog.
Thinking of you
best wishes


Lori ann said...

oh! i love seeing all the birdlife in your part of the world robyn. i can't believe there is a hawk on the beach! what kind is that?

have fun with your 'new' camera! (i bought a new vintage one at a flea market today, excited).


Patricia said...

Wonderful photos...you do have an "eye"!

Bimbimbie said...

Lovely to see you back and out amongst the gorgeous feathered ones Robyn :) Is that a young crow with the twisted beak? Smiles to you*!*

littlechrissy said...

Beautiful pics as always. What stunning weather you're having too!

Roz from 'la bella vita' said...

Oooh, just found your blog from a comment that you left on Patricia's blog. Your photos are simply gorgeous and so professional! I'm going to now follow you so that I can feel more peace in my day through your posts! Thanks! Roz (la bella vita)

Baino said...

That poor bird with the twisty beak! Although it looks healthy enough and the ospray or whatever it is on the sign post in such a busy area, never seenanything like it. Lovely shots all and your weather's looking fabulous dahlink

kj said...

i am so glad to be here, for the second time but this time i have time to comment. it's about time!

these photos are so wonderful, robyn. i wonder if that twisted beak is congenital or a deformity. it made me sad but her eyes are not sad, they are vibrant.

i was also touched by this entire post in tribute to an australian blogger named anonymous bird who just vanished one day, unexpectedly. i have missed her birds and her humor so much. one of my friends thinks she just stopped blogging but i don't: i don't think she would have purposely just stopped like that. although we are all free to be, and that's the best part, we come to count on one another.

it is great to know you are back, you and your camera.


Angela said...

What fabulous photos, Robyn, you should make postcards of each one! I loved the first headless bird`s behind! And really each one, you caught them in great motion or in "meaningful" postures. If you add captions, I bet you could really make money out of them.
We have seagulls here too, and I love their song. (Who knows what THEY are saying?!)
Thank you for coming to my blog and cheering me up! Love from the other side of the world, Angela

Donna Heart said...

Hello Robyn! I've just found your lovely blog through Sophie Munn's site and so glad I have! Looks like you've got yourself a real gem with that camera - those bird shots are amazing - especially the cocky in the tree! I'm a fellow west aussie too, so it's nice to see some familiar images... I know what you mean about spring coming early too - it's bursting out up here! Have a great week and I'll definitely be calling back in, x Donna

BeachVintage.com said...

Hi Robyn, what fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Poor little crooked mouthed crow, he obviously can still eat! Take care xx

Joanna Jenkins said...

It looks like a gorgeous day-- Those blue skies make the birds look even more handsome-- crooked beak and all!
Enjoy the rest of summer! jj

secret agent woman said...

You have some really fantastic bird photos here.

rosaria said...

So glad you're having fun with your new camera. Hope the new season brings great adventures in your life.

Amelia said...

wow, gorgeous photos and I love birds of course! There appears to be a photo that's missing in the middle (it doesn't show) . . .

Thanks for stopping by mine recently :) I've to a question going over my latest post if you have a chance to pop by ;)