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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Autumn = Easter

Happy Holidays
Thinking of you
See you soon


miruspeg said...

Right back at you Robyn!
Take care.
Big heart hugs
Peggy xxxxx

Bruce Potts said...

Love the flying bunny! I THINK I was successful at disabling my word verification. You are welcome to try it sometime and see if indeed I did. Happy Easter, Robyn!

rosaria williams said...

What a funny bunny! Happy Easter to you and yours,hoping the very best for all of you, the anticipated renewal in all things.

Sophie Munns said...

Big laugh...that bunny is the best Robyn!
Just love it...
hugs to you!
S xo

Shrinky said...

Oh my goodness, what a heart-melting flying bunny, too, too cute and silly for words!

Happy Easter to you too, Robyn.

kj said...
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kj said...



you know, robyn, i know this little rabbit named emily and she's always told me rabbits can fly and i didn't believe her until now.

thank you :^)


Elizabeth said...

What a cool Easter bunny!
Yes, hugging is excellent therapy
and should be indulged in often.

How odd to have Easter in the autumn --a new idea to get my brain round......

Annie said...

Happy Easter darling Robyn. xoxo

Snowbrush said...

Thanks, Robyn!

Mim said...

A very adorable flying rabbit. Happy Easter

Holly said...

I heart you!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Robyn,
Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
xo jj